Photo & Video of my favorite love Stories from around the world; But mostly Dallas, Texas

Preserving Eternal Love: A Captivating Wedding Photography Portfolio

Welcome to a world where love is captured in its purest form. Step into our wedding photography portfolio and embark on an emotional journey through timeless moments of love, joy, and heartfelt connections. Each photograph is a window into the intimate and magical world of weddings, where every glance, every touch, and every exchange of vows tells a unique story of two souls intertwining their destinies. With our lens as the storyteller, we invite you to witness the power of love through our captivating images, beautifully crafted to preserve the emotions, beauty, and memories of your special day. Let our photography transport you to a place where love knows no boundaries and where cherished memories are immortalized forever. Experience the magic of weddings through our lens, and allow us to capture the essence of your love story in a way that will leave you breathless.

Bride and groom read their vows during a first touch, symbolizing the beginning of their lifelong journey together.
Delicate bridal shoes, stylish glasses, shimmering earrings, and exquisite Tiffany boxes are artfully arranged
Excitement fills the air as the bride joyfully holds up her wedding dress, ready for her special day.
Blissful bride, tenderly touching her necklace, radiating a heartfelt smile
Intimate first touch of bride and groom in a serene, light & airy setting
Glistening wedding rings atop a "Tiffany's" perfume bottle, sun-kissed glare and surrounded by lush greenery.
Deep blue Adolphus Hotel key card in Dallas Texas, symbolizing the bride and groom's wedding night accommodation
Maid of honor's shoes placed on a soft-lit hardwood floor, adding an elegant touch
Bride and groom standing at the altar, embraced by the enchanting ambiance of The Mason Dallas.
Bride and wedding party strike cool, empowered poses, exuding a boss-like aura
A heartwarming portrait of the bride and groom, sharing simple smiles filled with love
Intimate portrait of the bride and groom, capturing their deep connection and love
A glass of sweet tea with a wooden stir stick featuring a sketched image of the bride and groom's adorable puppy
A visually striking wedding cake with dramatic orange lighting, adorned with a mirror reflecting elegant chandeliers.
Joyful newlyweds walking from the altar, beaming with smiles as they acknowledge their delighted guests
Serene bride standing in front of softly lit white doors, wearing a veil and looking downwards with grace.
VCP Champagne bottles chilling in ice, set against an art deco wall, emanating a vintage vibe and timeless elegance.
A mesmerizing sight as a line of chandeliers guides the way to the wedding cake. Warm, orange lighting creates ambiance
A collection of groom's details including black shoes, military awards, and stylish bow ties.
Playful bride joyfully opening a bottle of VCP champagne, expressing her lighthearted and fun-loving spirit
Moody lit reflection of the bride's shoes hanging from a glass door, as the sun casts a captivating glow from behind.
Bride and bridesmaids seated on a vintage sofa, all eyes on the bride as she confidently gazes into the camera.
Candid moment captured: a bridesmaid sitting on a white vintage sofa, sipping champagne and engrossed in her phone.
Heartwarming moment as the mother of the groom looks at her sister with a beaming smile, filled with excitement and joy
Candid shot of a bridesmaid capturing a moment with a vintage oil camera, adding an artistic touch to the occasion.
Confident bride standing in front of white doors, hand on hip, making direct eye contact with the camera.
Bridesmaid using a charming hand mirror to fix her hair, cleverly reflecting it in another mirror for a better view.
The bride triumphantly removes the cork from a bottle of champagne, celebrating with joy and excitement
Beautifully colored bridesmaids' dresses hanging against white doors, showcasing deep hues of green and blue, velvet
Elegant "BADGLEY MISCHKA" bridal shoes resting beside a "Tiffany" perfume bottle, accompanied by heart-shaped eyewear
Tender moment as the bride and groom share a kiss at the altar, enveloped by lush greenery and a fireplace
Bridesmaids assisting each other with hair in warm, yellow-orange lighting, creating a cozy and supportive atmosphere
Stylish MIB sunglasses adorned with "K" and "J" stickers, representing the initials of the bride and groom
Groom seated on a vintage sofa, gazing into the soft window light, with a serene green ambiance filling the room.
Close-up of bridesmaids' dresses, shimmering in the gentle glow of soft lighting, radiating elegance and beauty
A sun ray is striking the bride bouquet showing the rings, the colors are vibrant and dramatic and romantic
A captivating scene of a gold jewelry box holding the bride's necklaces, creating a visually intriguing chaotic vibe
Bride and bridesmaids striking a pose with dramatic lighting, their gazes fixed confidently towards the camera
Bride and grooms invitation sat on top on dark leather describing their wedding at "The Mason Dallas"
Gleaming wedding and engagement rings resting on a golden tray, capturing reflections of radiant light.
Bridal portrait with bouquet, beautifully framed by a mirror
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Bride & Groom dancing at The Mason in Dallas, Texas

"We make dinner together every night unless we go out for a special treat. We like to take our dog on long walks, but also because Theo knows Kat needs a daily walk too. We both allow each other to vent about our days, and we act like goofy idiots around the house."

Breathtaking sight of the bride's backlit dress hanging gracefully, illuminated by the sun's rays.
Bride looking upwards while getting her makeup done, radiating anticipation and beauty.
Moody-lit scene showcasing a purple and white bouquet, exuding a captivating aura.
Playful bridesmaid enjoying a chicken sandwich, glancing back at the camera with a delightful expression.
Wide shot of breathtaking sight of the bride's backlit dress hanging gracefully, illuminated by the sun's rays.
Bridesmaid having her hair styled, as the hairspray creates a misty aura in the air.
Vegas-style 'Bride' earrings and 'Keep your shit together' groom's handkerchief, placed on an orange rock.
Vegas-style 'Bride' earrings and 'Keep your shit together' groom's handkerchief, placed on an orange rock with boots
Groom and groomsmen joyfully chugging beers atop a log, bathed in warm sunlight.
Happily ever after above wood doors with dead trees in the back drop & blue Texas sky
Heartwarming moment of groom and son sharing laughter while enjoying their favorite drinks together.
Adorable invitations resting on flowing purple fabric, creating a charming display.
Playful bridesmaids posing in a row, appearing to apply makeup while looking into mirrors.
Heartwarming first look between the bride and her father, embracing in a joyous hug.
Anticipation builds as the groom eagerly awaits his first glimpse of the bride.
Emotional moment as the groom sheds tears upon seeing the bride for the first time.
Heartfelt moment as the father gives away the bride, while the groom eagerly awaits to take her hand.
Magical moment as the bride and groom share their first kiss at the altar, bathed in warm fall light.
Fun-filled start to their marriage as the bride and groom shotgun a beer, enthusiastically chugging until it's empty.
Heartwarming moment as the bride and groom share a kiss before exiting the ceremony space.
Heartwarming moment as the bride and groom share a kiss before exiting the ceremony space. Their son smiling at them
Joyful bride and groom share a laugh while riding in a golf cart.
Bride and groom share a romantic kiss, bathed in warm sunlight.
Couple holding hands as two ducks walk on shore, with ducks in focus.
Bride and groom share a kiss in front of picturesque pond and mountains.
Bride attempts to jump on groom's back but ends up in a comical fail, creating a playful moment.
Bride successfully climbs onto groom's back, creating a joyful and playful image.
Bride playfully sits on a swing, looking up with joy at the groom
Groom pushes bride on swing, both smiling with delight.
Groom playfully swings with bride on the swing, both smiling and enjoying the chaotic fun.
Wedding ring details of the brides ring glows in the evening sun as it set
Wooden sign displaying the couple's last name, along with the est. date of their meeting and wedding timeline.
Backlit Mrs & Mr cups illuminated by glowing neon light, exuding a captivating allure.
Guests at the wedding share a romantic kiss next to fire
White vanilla cupcake adorned with a heart-shaped pretzel on top, a delightful treat.
Backlit 'Mrs & Mr' sign, with the couple's last name 'The Elliotts', glowing in yellow amidst lush greenery.
Uncut wedding cake adorned with matching flowers, harmonizing beautifully with the wedding theme.
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"After meeting in the stockyards I found out we actually went to the same high school, same graduating year. We were in totally different crowds - bad boy cowboy & the goody goody nerdy class president. It has been the craziest, most rewarding, journey to grow beside one another :)!"

Alma & Arick

Location: "The Gaston Dallas" Planner: "ArtisDri Productions"

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"With each trip, whatever unforeseen situation that non-rev would throw at them, Alma was always impressed with Arick’s calm and protective nature. This always made her feel relaxed and safe and further strengthened her belief that she had found a man that she could love, rely on and trust."

Sara & Joey

Location: "Almost Heaven Resort And Weddings" Gatlinburg TN Coffee: "Pedal Java"

Photo Booth: "Little River Photo Bus"

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"I promise to make sure coffee never runs out & you'll never go long without your caffeine fix"

Sophia & Caroline

MUAH: "Grand slam glam" Location: "Hotel Crescent Court" & "Westlake Brewery"

Planner: "Lorraine Tomás" Entertainment: "Lance - MY DFW DJ" Floral: "Jaye’s Floral" Baker: "Fancy Cakes by Lauren"

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"We love to do 'cute' things like catalog our dates in a date book (soon to be our wedding guest book) or make each other breakfast in bed. We’re both science lovers. Caroline loves pickles and Sophia is a champion snacker."

Nathan & Calley

Location: "The springs event venue"

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Picture a quaint little coffee shop nestled amidst the bustling city streets, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air. It was within these walls that destiny brought together two kindred souls, destined to embark on a remarkable journey. As fate would have it, their paths crossed when they least expected it, weaving the first thread of their extraordinary bond.

Britany & Kevin

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Christina & Brian

Florist: "Cindy Rivera"

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Please watch videos at the highest possible quality, thank you!

Kristi & Ryan

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Maloree & Joseph

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Please watch videos at the highest possible quality, thank you!

Melissa & Guy

Location: "Farmers Branch Historical Park" Floral: "Sarah Phims Floral"

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"All glory to God - so thankful for your mercy and all your blessings. I don’t deserve them, yet you give them freely."

Amanda & Anthony

Location: "Hilton Rockwall Dallas"

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Anastasia & Jonathon

Location: "Cathy's Critters"

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