How does it all work?


1. Contact me

Ready to dive into an extraordinary journey together? Visit the "Contact Me" section of my website and let your heart guide you to the next step. With a simple click, you'll find a form waiting to create your unique client profile. This is your chance to ask questions, share your vision, and ensure we're the perfect match. Let's embark on this incredible adventure, hand in hand, and create an unforgettable wedding experience tailored to your love story. Start by filling out the form and let the magic begin!

2. Sign Contract

After we've connected and understood your wedding vision, get ready for a personalized proposal. It includes your invoice and contract, meticulously designed just for you. But that's not all – we're here to make things easier. Let us know your preferred payment dates and amounts, and we'll customize the invoice accordingly. Your satisfaction and comfort matter to us. Get in touch today and let's shape your dream wedding together, seamlessly and financially.

3. The Big Day

We're with you from the start! Arriving 20 - 30 minutes early, we set up and get comfortable in the space. Throughout the event, we stay by your side, documenting every precious moment until the grand exit. Trust us to capture the essence of your special day, from beginning to end.

4. Photos & Prints

Within 4-5 months, we'll send you a digital album filled with color-corrected images to cherish. Using Pixieset, you can easily select your favorite photos and even order prints without leaving the comfort of your home. Relive your special moments with convenience and joy.

Take a look at our FAQs!

If you have more questions that aren't answered here I would LOVE to help you further

FAQ - Real questions by real clients

Why should we get a 2nd shooter?

Don't look back and regret not having a second photographer for your special day. Having a second shooter not only provides a different and unique perspective but also increases the number of images you'll receive. With a second photographer, you can expect an additional 500+ images to cherish.

Having a second shooter is not only beneficial for you but also for the primary photographer. It allows them extra time to unleash their creativity, knowing that nothing will be missed. Rest assured that our second shooters are not newcomers or photographers in training. They are experienced professionals with their own successful photography businesses. We have carefully chosen amazing individuals who work alongside us, adding their expertise to capture every significant moment of your wedding day.

Investing in a second photographer ensures comprehensive coverage and a wealth of precious memories. Let us bring our dynamic team to document your wedding day from multiple angles, providing you with a rich and diverse collection of photographs that truly tell your unique love story.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Since most of our weddings take place in various locations across Texas, it's important to consider the travel distance involved. We want to ensure that we can be there to document your special day, no matter the distance. Therefore, we charge a nominal travel fee of $0.57 per mile for round-trip travel from our studio to the event venue.

To provide you with accurate and transparent pricing, we calculate the exact distance to and from the venue. The travel fee is then included in your invoice and contract as part of the travel expenses. This allows us to cover the costs associated with reaching your wedding location, ensuring that we can be present to capture every precious moment.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional photography services, and that includes going the extra mile—literally—to be there for you. Let us journey with you across Texas to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Do we own the rights to our pictures?

We understand the importance of image rights and the desire to have control over the photographs capturing your special day. Our current contract ensures that you have the necessary permissions to print the images, granting you the freedom to bring your cherished moments to life in tangible form. Rest assured, the rights to print are explicitly stated in our contract, empowering you to reproduce and display your photos as you wish.

Additionally, we have implemented copyright protections to safeguard our work from unauthorized usage or misuse by others. Unfortunately, the photography industry encounters instances where images are stolen and used without permission, often for commercial purposes. To maintain the integrity of our craft and protect our clients, we do not permit the unauthorized use of our images for self-promotion or commercial gain.

Nevertheless, we embrace collaboration and are open to networking opportunities, particularly with local vendors. We value the chance to share and publish our work in appropriate contexts. While we maintain selectivity in such instances, we are not rigid or overly restrictive.

If you are interested in purchasing full copyrights, granting you complete ownership of the images and allowing for "CC" (Creative Commons) usage and album edits, we offer a separate contract. The pricing for full copyrights starts at $3,500 per album. If this option appeals to you, we can provide you with detailed information outlining the steps involved in the purchase process.

At the heart of our approach is the commitment to preserving the beauty of your memories while maintaining the integrity of our work. We aim to provide you with the freedom to enjoy and share your cherished photographs while upholding the professional standards of the photography industry.

How do your payment plans work?

To ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, we've designed our payment process to be as accommodating as possible. We kindly request a few details from you to set up your personalized payment plan.

Firstly, we need to know the date and the amount you'd like to pay. Whether you prefer monthly, weekly, or customized intervals, we can tailor the payment schedule to suit your financial preferences. You have the flexibility to skip months if needed, and even if your payment plan extends beyond your wedding date, it won't hinder the editing process. Rest assured, we dedicate up to 4 months after your wedding to meticulously edit your photos and videos, ensuring they are perfected to capture the essence of your special day.

In the rare scenario where your payment plan exceeds the 4-month editing period, we kindly request that the payment plan be completed before we release your album to you. This situation rarely arises, as most clients complete their payments within the timeframe required to finalize their albums.

To provide you with utmost convenience, our automated system sends timely reminders before each payment due date. We understand that life can bring unexpected financial challenges, so if you encounter any difficulties in a particular month, please don't hesitate to inform us. We can easily adjust the system to accommodate your needs, allowing you to skip a payment until you feel comfortable again. We genuinely empathize with life's unpredictable nature and are here to support you throughout the process.

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to understanding and addressing your unique circumstances. We want to ensure that financial considerations do not hinder your ability to cherish your treasured memories.

Can we get a discount?

While we understand the desire for discounts, we regret to inform you that we are currently unable to offer any promotional pricing. As we navigate our financial recovery from the challenges of 2020, our priority remains focused on providing exceptional service and capturing your precious moments.

However, we have some thrilling news to share! We will be actively participating in numerous local events, where you can join in on the fun-filled activities and even have a chance to win exciting prizes, completely free of charge. By booking with us, you'll receive regular updates about these upcoming events, ensuring you don't miss out on any opportunities to celebrate and create lasting memories.

Rest assured, our commitment to delivering exceptional service and creating remarkable experiences for our clients remains unwavering. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to the possibility of capturing your special moments in the near future.

How long do we need for family photos before/after the ceremony?

When planning your family photo session on your wedding day, we recommend allocating approximately 30 to 45 minutes. While it's possible that we may not require the entire suggested time, it's always better to be prepared and allow for a buffer. Plus, having a brief break can work wonders in helping you and your wedding party stay organized and relaxed.

Clear communication is paramount to ensure a smooth and efficient photo session. Make sure everyone is aware of the designated locations and the specific time they need to be there. This will greatly streamline the process and keep things moving seamlessly throughout the day.

Remember, by setting aside this dedicated time for family photos, you can cherish beautiful moments with your loved ones while maintaining a well-structured schedule. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from effective planning and communication, and create lasting memories with your family on your special day.

What is the turnaround time for photos?

We fully understand your excitement to receive your cherished wedding images, and we share your enthusiasm. Rest assured, we work tirelessly to ensure a timely delivery of your stunning photos. However, we kindly request your patience as the editing process requires dedicated time and attention to detail.

On average, the editing timeline for your images is estimated to be around 4 to 5 months. This timeframe allows us to provide you with a selection of meticulously crafted edits that truly capture the essence of your special day. We take pride in our in-house editing process, ensuring the highest quality and personalized touch for each image.

Throughout this journey, we maintain open communication with you regarding the progress and any potential extensions. Our goal is to keep you informed and included every step of the way. Please understand that as we handle all edits internally, our workload can occasionally become demanding, leading to slight delays.

In summary, we ask for your understanding and patience as we pour our heart and soul into creating extraordinary images that will forever preserve the magic of your wedding day. Trust that your wait will be worth it, as we deliver a collection of timeless and artful memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

What are your complimentary engagements like?

Once all the paperwork is complete, get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we plan your memorable engagement (or bridal) shoot! Together, we will curate the perfect attire and select a stunning location that reflects your unique love story. It's as simple as that! Prepare for an adventure filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments.

During the shoot, I will expertly capture your love and connection, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Typically, these sessions last between 15 to 30 minutes, resulting in a remarkable collection of 200 to 300 images. From this extensive selection, you will receive a carefully curated set of 50+ professionally edited photos that are ready for print.

While I strive to accommodate specific editing requests, please note that additional fees may apply based on the complexity of the edits you desire. Rest assured, I will guide you through the editing process to create images that exceed your expectations.

Now, it's crucial to mark your calendars! Please schedule your engagement (or bridal) shoot 1 to 2 months before your wedding day. This timeframe allows us ample time to capture these beautiful moments and ensure timely delivery of both your shoot and wedding albums. While this shoot is included in your package, please understand that it is a complimentary service, and I cannot be held responsible if the deadline is missed. I am here to assist you and work together, but it's important to have reasonable expectations and prioritize timely scheduling. Please remember that your schedules and organizational skills play a vital role in making this shoot a success.

Get ready to embrace the magic of your love story through stunning images that will forever capture your journey together. Let's create something extraordinary and make your engagement (or bridal) shoot an unforgettable celebration of your love.

Are you comfortable in low-light situations?

Low-light photography requires expertise and a deep understanding of how lighting works. I have dedicated myself to honing my skills in this area, ensuring that I am well-equipped to handle challenging lighting conditions. Rest assured, I am extremely comfortable and confident in capturing stunning images in low-light situations.

Embracing the Beauty of Low Light: Creative Suggestions

In low-light settings, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for creating moody and romantic images that truly capture the essence of the moment. I am thrilled to share my creative suggestions with you, helping us achieve the very best outcome for your photographs.

By utilizing specialized techniques, equipment, and my knowledge of lighting, we can collaborate to bring out the magic in low-light situations. Whether it's playing with shadows, incorporating ambient light, or using artificial lighting strategically, we will work together to create extraordinary and captivating images that will exceed your expectations.

I am committed to making your low-light photography experience an unforgettable one, filled with artistic brilliance and timeless beauty. Trust in my expertise, and together, we will craft images that evoke emotion, preserve precious memories, and showcase the unique ambiance of your special moments.

Will you help us with our schedule?

While I'm here to assist you and provide guidance, it's important to note that I am not a wedding planner. Crafting a detailed wedding timeline falls outside of my expertise and responsibilities. However, I can offer a shot list that you can customize to get a sense of how photography will be integrated throughout your day. This can serve as a helpful tool for building a schedule with photography in mind.

If you have chosen not to hire a wedding coordinator for the day, please understand that I cannot assume that role without proper compensation (typically an additional fee of at least $2,000). As a photographer, my primary focus will be capturing those special moments through my lens. It would be challenging for me to simultaneously manage the responsibilities of a coordinator, and this could negatively impact our working relationship and overall experience.

While I genuinely want to help and ensure you have a fantastic day, it's essential to acknowledge our professional boundaries. I am committed to delivering exceptional photography services, and my attention will be divided among multiple aspects of your wedding. Consequently, taking on additional responsibilities such as coordinating family members for group photos may hinder my ability to fulfill my primary role effectively.

By understanding and respecting these boundaries, we can create a positive and successful collaboration, resulting in beautiful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We prioritize the importance of insurance coverage, not just for ourselves but also for your peace of mind. We can readily provide you with proof of General Liability insurance, which some venues may require. It's crucial to extend this inquiry to all your vendors to ensure comprehensive coverage. When hiring vendors, remember to prioritize working with legitimate businesses that have proper insurance in place. By taking these precautions, you can protect yourself and your guests throughout the wedding process.

Have you photographed my chosen venue?

With over 673 wedding venues in Texas, it's unlikely that we've been to every single one. However, we believe that our work speaks for itself, regardless of the venue. When considering a photographer, ask yourself what you value most. Is it someone who has been to your specific venue or someone who can adapt to any space and lighting condition? Our expertise lies in capturing moments in various environments, whether it's low light, rain, or shine. Our technical skills remain consistent regardless of the location. A photographer or videographer shouldn't be limited to a single lighting situation. You'll likely need someone who can handle harsh sun, shade, and dimly lit reception areas. If you're specifically looking for a photographer who has worked at your venue, reach out to the venue for their preferred vendor list. However, we hope you'll appreciate the quality of our work and take a chance on us!

Why are your services so expensive?

We take pride in offering competitive pricing and being flexible to meet our clients' needs. We understand the significance of this investment for you, and we have made significant investments in our skills and resources as well. We are self-taught in all the necessary Adobe systems to deliver outstanding results. Additionally, we utilize various platforms such as Honeybook and Pixieset, and we have even developed our own website through coding. While you are investing in us, we are constantly investing in ourselves to ensure we can provide you with the best possible outcome.

Do we have to pay for you to have a vendor meal?

Yes, we kindly request that you provide a vendor meal for us. While some catering companies may offer this service for free, it is important to understand that we are working with you throughout the entire day, constantly on the move and ensuring we capture every important moment. Just like you, we also need to eat and take necessary breaks. Including a vendor meal in our contract ensures that we can maintain our energy and provide you with the best service possible. Treating your staff with kindness and consideration is essential for creating a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Will you price match other companies?

No, we do not offer price matching with other companies. If you find a more affordable option elsewhere, we understand and wish you the best of luck with your event. We want you to find a team that meets both your needs and budget.

How do you deliver photos & what does "CC" Mean?

"CC digitals" refers to color-corrected digital images. Here's our process:

Rating the images: We ensure the selected images are sharp, creative, and visually appealing.
Color correction: We adjust the white balance and correct any color inconsistencies to ensure the images accurately reflect the day of your wedding.
Delivery via Pixieset: We send the edited images to you through Pixieset, an online platform. You can mark your favorite images and provide us with specific notes for further adjustments, if desired. We will provide a video tutorial and instructions to assist you.
Final edits: Based on your feedback and preferences, we make the final edits to the selected images. This includes applying cinematic enhancements and fine-tuning them to your liking.
All the images in your wedding album(s), including the color-corrected ones, are available for you to download. We use to deliver the albums to you.

Please refer to the photo examples below for a better understanding.

Please note: The examples are not provided in this text format.

The difference between RAW, CC, & Album Edits


Untouched Image

"CC" Color Corrected

Brighter, straighter, Cooler Tones

Album Edit

Blemishes, Fix Shadows, Evened Out Makeup, Removed Wrinkles, Etc.

Tips & Tricks

Upgrade Your Wedding Hangers

White dress hanging up on a metal hanger in front of stained glass

Say goodbye to old, plastic hangers! Enhance the beauty of your wedding attire with quality hangers that ensure your images shine with elegance. Every detail matters, and we're here to help you create a picture-perfect ensemble. Invest in better hangers for a timeless and sophisticated look on your special day.