Love has a funny way of finding us in the most unexpected places, as Tamia and Morgan discovered during their journey to the altar. It all began at a humble Sonic in Stephenville, Texas, where their paths converged and destiny took hold. Little did they know that this chance encounter would blossom into a beautiful love story, leading them to the picturesque Rockwall Arboretum, where they recently celebrated their intimate elopement.

Our first encounter

Tamia reminisces about their first meeting, humorously sharing, "I always say we were meant to be! Morgan started working at Sonic before I did. I randomly decided to take on a part-time job while in school to earn some extra cash and ended up getting hired at Sonic. At that time, we were both in relationships, so we didn't pay much attention to each other. But a couple of months later, we found ourselves single, and the rest is history!"

The Proposal

Their love story continued to unfold with a proposal that encapsulated their desire for intimacy and significance. After a heartfelt birthday dinner, Morgan seized the perfect moment and asked Tamia to be his partner for life. Overwhelmed with joy, they shared tears and a lingering embrace, their love sealed in that unforgettable moment.

About Tamia

Tamia, a determined and driven young woman, is currently working as a legal assistant at a disability law firm. She is also pursuing her AA in paralegal studies while embarking on a victim advocacy certification program. Her long-term aspirations revolve around becoming a victim advocate and paralegal for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, a path deeply personal to her own story. When she's not studying law, you'll often find her indulging in her passion for writing. Tamia is a published author of a psychological thriller, with another fiction book awaiting publication and a poetry book in the works. Beyond her literary endeavors, she finds solace in reading, baking, cooking, swimming, and hiking. As an introvert, she relies on Morgan's extroverted nature to coax her out of her shell, resulting in some endearing and humorous moments.

About Morgan

Morgan, Tamia's adoring fiancé, is a 25-year-old software developer and engineer working for a small web development company. A graduate of Tarleton State, Morgan embraces his inner nerdiness, which Tamia wholeheartedly appreciates. Although quiet by nature, he possesses an immense heart that radiates love and compassion. Unlike many in this digital age, Morgan avoids social media like the plague. Instead, he finds joy in video games, spending time with his four siblings, and indulging in his passion for hiking. His love for nature's beauty, particularly trees, and mountains, is evident in their travel adventures, where a hike always finds its way onto the itinerary. Morgan's easygoing demeanor and ability to remain level-headed make him an anchor in their relationship.

As a couple

As a couple, Tamia and Morgan celebrate their love and connection through simple yet profound gestures in their daily lives. Whether it's taking a leisurely stroll with their beloved dog, Ace, after work, playing video games together, or savoring the moments of togetherness while cooking, they relish each other's presence. Conversation holds a special place in their relationship, as their very first date involved three hours of walking and talking late into the night, simply losing track of time.

The elopement

As Tamia and Morgan prepare for their elopement, they acknowledge that being in front of the camera is a rarity for them. However, their genuine and sometimes awkward nature only adds to the charm of their love story. The most important aspect is capturing their unique dynamic, showcasing the authenticity and profound connection they share.

CHEERS To a new chapter!

The beginning of a true love story; Continued

So, here's to Tamia and Morgan—a remarkable couple who remind us that true love can be found in the most unexpected places, weaving its way into our lives and forever changing our destinies. May their love story continue to flourish as they embark on this exciting new chapter as husband and wife. Tamia and Morgan's elopement at the Rockwall Arboretum marks the beginning of their lifelong commitment to each other. Their love story serves as a reminder that love can be found unexpectedly, transforming our lives in remarkable ways. As they embark on this exciting new chapter, may their love continue to grow, bringing them endless joy, laughter, and adventures along the way.