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At KellieKayPhotos, we understand that major events are extraordinary occasions filled with significance and emotion. Our skilled photographers have a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. We strive to document every special moment, from the grandest gestures to the smallest details, ensuring that the essence and atmosphere of your event are captured in stunning imagery. With us behind the lens, you can trust that no memory will go unnoticed.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional event photography services in Dallas, Texas. Our team of talented photographers is passionate about capturing the spirit, atmosphere, and emotions that define your events. We strive to create a visual narrative that transports you back to those cherished moments, allowing you to relive the magic and celebrate the memories. Trust us to be your storytellers, preserving the essence of your Dallas events and creating lasting memories that you can treasure forever.

The Actor

Movie Premiere

Event Details

Richard Wayne Blake, Red Photo Booths, Amber Michelle Blake, Collective Soul, AMC Classic Forth Worth 14

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SXSW 2024'


Balcones, Sidecar Drinks, Nickel City, Helberg BBQ, Cactus Lee, Sendero, Micah Edwards, Buffalo Nichols, Will Suarez, Dj Mahealani

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Susans 70th Rodeo

Event details

Rodeo Bar

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State Of The Firm


ESports Stadium Arlington, Red Photo Booths

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Sidecar & Balcones


Haywire Dallas, Sidecar, Balcones

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The Dallas World Aquarium & The Society Of Wedding Professionals

Event Details

The Dallas World Aquarium, AM Linens, Encore Productions, JCL Media,

Joche W. Events, Red Photo Booths, The Society Of Wedding Professionals, Botanica Wholesale Florist, Mirrorless Mind Studio, Simply Mox,

Amazballz Cake Pops

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May The Fourth Be With You

Event Details

Artists: Bean Ojellev, Khalid Robertson, Matt E Poston, Mellisa Duncan-Usrey, Theodore Shants

Body Painters: Anne Martinez, Bradley Harris, Brandy Fae, Brandi Burks Dibler, DB Armstrong & Shirley,

Faye Ramirez, Johnny Edwards, Justin Keith, Karen Bear, Kris Shelton Anderson, Kay Duke, Loren Sivad,

Michelle Valdez, Mythica Von Griffyn, Nancy Etter, Sam E. Bone, Xochitl Miranda

DJ's: Aaron Hensley, Bre Beatz, Gilbert Najera, Justin Walker, Kane KNON, Lorenzo Munoz, Paul Cypher,

Stephanie Miss Haze, John Wayne & Amanda

Models: Amanda Webber-Rookes, Amanda Violet Ravotti, Anastasia Sterling, Courtney Vaughan, Cynthia Koogle, Genevieve Renee Cleaver, Jeimy Arias, Kevin McFarland, Leslie Lenior, Melissa Conerway, Roman Radiant, Yena,Vini Vegas (Anne Martinez), Victoria Hubner

Performers: Allen Holmburg "Man In The Mirror", Yun Kim

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50th Birthday

Event Details

Nosh & Bottle

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40th Birthday

Event details

Hugos Invitados

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